Laura Hein

Laura Hein has been an active resident of Lee County since 1989 when she moved here to start her career in banking. While serving as the branch manager and loan officer of a regional bank she learned to understand and respond to the needs of clients.

With a decade in the banking business and a growing family she transitioned to teaching within the Lee County School district. That role helped her develop strategies to identify and meet the specific needs of individuals rather than a one size fits all approach. Learning to communicate effectively with multiple audiences (students, parents, colleagues, and administration) is a skill that transfers to all areas of business and life. During her 22-year tenure she served as a team leader, department head, event manager, program coordinator and teacher.

Additionally, while building careers in banking and education, Laura supported the family-owned business through administrative and marketing duties. The ability to manage time and approach tasks proactively was the key to her success.

She joined the CRES of SWFL team in October of 2020, serving as a leasing agent and marketing specialist. Her experiences as a bank manager/loan officer, Lee County School District educator, and business owner complement each other in the ability to listen and respond to customers by anticipating their needs.