Investment Advisory Services

When CRES of Southwest Florida advises our clients, our main priority is building a relationship of trust through our comprehensive knowledge of commercial real estate. CRES brokers maintain current data on existing inventories of all property types and constantly monitor demands in the marketplace. Our brokers strive to be frontrunners in providing the best service in the market to our clients. By understanding the data, trends, and demands in the marketplace, we are able to complete a SWOT analysis (strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats) of each client’s asset(s) to support a long-term collaboration with our clientele.

CRES has developed associations with affiliated industries to assist you with funding arrangements, including partnerships with banks, financial services providers, and private funding sources seeking to place capital in specific markets or product types.

CRES Services

Commercial Property Acquisitions

Based upon our knowledge of and experience in the market, as well as the various property types we represent, CRES brokers creatively find the best opportunity for our clients. Every opportunity is analyzed to make sound recommendations to our clientele.

Commercial Property Dispositions

Our objective is to obtain the best market price for a property. CRES achieves this through our marketing efforts, associations, and networking. Through our knowledge, technology, and tools, we source qualified buyers, assess their inclination, eagerness and ability to purchase.

Market & Financial Advisory

Our market analysis constantly monitors changes in ownership, occupancy, sales prices, and rental rates. It is essential our clients have the comprehensive and accurate valuation of all assets under consideration. We utilize our expertise, combined with industry software, to offer each client inclusive data.