1031 Exchanges

IRS Section 1031 allows for the deferment of capital gains taxes in the case of an investment property swap that meets specific requirements. The experienced brokers at CRES of SWFL are well-versed in the many intricacies of IRS Section 1031, including timeframes, limitations, special rules, and potential tax implications.

While most people think of a 1031 exchange as a simple swap of property between two people, transactions are usually much more complex. Our knowledgeable brokers are prepared to help you take advantage of a 1031 exchange as a strategy to build wealth while navigating the many complex details of these transactions.

CRES assists in 1031 exchanges by providing a comprehensive market analysis, conducting demand assessments, and offering inspection reports tenant payment history, and other metrics to ensure you are receiving the necessary data to complete a transaction that will provide you the maximum allowable benefit under IRS Section 1031. Through our partnerships with trusted financial institutions and lending providers, property managers, local investors, and qualified intermediaries, CRES connects property investors with the ideal partners for a successful 1031 exchange.

Benefits of1031 Exchanges with CRES

A 1031 exchange may benefit you if:

  • You want to diversify your property assets
  • You want to build equity over time
  • You are an investor looking for an already-managed property
  • You want to consolidate several properties into one
  • You want to trade up to a higher-value property
  • You want to divide a single property into multiple assets
  • You want to reset the depreciation of your asset