Neil Masse

Neil MasseNeil Masse began his real estate career in 2009, after 30 years in the retail and wholesale automotive car business. He grew up around the business and was everting from lot boy, to General Manager to owner through the years Masse learned how important work and customer satisfaction was to any business success. It’s a trail he still holds in high regard for his clients. They do too.

After moving to Florida in 2008, Masse began to realize the opportunity to serve his clients from a different venue, real estate. Many of the same values he learned in the automotive business, applied to real estate as well. Hard work, proper training, market awareness and a strong focus on customer needs and goals became his goals. It was natural to him after his experience in the automotive successes he enjoyed. Obviously, when you serve a customer well and their goals are met, everyone is pleased. Being a good listener and applying it to the skills he learned, make for positive results for his clients. Masse has over 90% plus customer retention and that speaks for itself.

Masse has a solid, respectable and honorable relationship with other agents and it allows him to be most successful in negotiations for my clients.

Masse’s automotive experience has proved to be very valuable to clients in commercial real estate as well as residential clients.

Masse looks forward to serving the real estate needs and goals of both commercial and residential real estate clients. He has made SW Florida his home and career now for over 13 years and looks forward to sharing all Florida has to offer. He says “Life and Business is better in the Sunshine State.”